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Minneapolis freelance photojournalist Tom Baker likes to share stories about the stories he shoots. This photo blog is where he'll say a few words and share some photos about the work he does.

Dear world, please help

I saw photos today that crushed me. They're the work of Aris Messinis, a photojournalist who works for Agence France-Presse. He was recently on a rescue vessel off the coast of Libya as rescue workers worked to save hundreds of African migrants from boats that were bound for Italy. Messinis's work has been published all over the world, and I saw it on the New York Times' website in an article entitled 'Stepping Over the Dead on a Migrant Boat'. The photos are sad, devastating, powerful, revealing, gritty, haunting, and real. After reading the article and spending time with the photos, I wrote the following in a Facebook post: 

"For those who think refugees/immigrants are a nuisance, are looking to come to your country and take over your communities and steal your jobs, are terrorists, are disrespectful of any culture but their own, are less than human due to their skin color, their language, or their religious beliefs, then you need to spend time with these photos. Study them, let your emotions take hold, learn to see what is happening. Bear witness to their struggle and what they endure to flee their countries; not because they want to but because they have to. I am grateful for Aris Messinis's photos. They are necessary. These are the types of images that can change the world."

Please, take a look Messinis' work. This is a problem we must learn about and act upon: