Tom Baker - Helping Hounds - NPPA Immersion 2014

Helping Hounds is a dog rescue that places abused, abandoned and neglected dogs into homes through adoption. Volunteers are essential to their operation, Christina and Kristen have formed a bond through their weekly volunteering at the shelter.

What is your best childhood memory?

I've recently come up with the idea of doing a series of videos that are interview based. The idea is to sit down a number of people and ask them a question that will evoke a story from their past. They do not know what the question is until they sit down. This is the first in the series, where I ask each individual what their best memory from childhood is. In the future for different videos, I plan to interview immigrants, elderly, stroke survivors, transplant recipients, and athletes, to name a few.

Showmen's Rest

Every year on Memorial Day, a crowd gathers at the Showman's Rest memorial to honor those circus performers, race car drivers, wrestlers and amusement ride operators who have passed away.

Tucked inside Lakewood Cemetery in Minneapolis, Showmen's Rest was established in 1960 as a final resting place for those who made their career in the amusement industry.

I shot and produced this story for Minnesota Public Radio.

Model Railroad Museum Story Teaser

I photographed a story about Twin City Model Railroad Museum moving to a new location in St. Paul, Minn., for Minnesota Public Radio News online and put together this teaser video. It was a fun assignment!

Minneapolis Reacts

I went out in Minneapolis for Minnesota Public Radio News to film reactions to the death of the iconic musician Prince. It was an emotional day, and fans had a lot to share.