Tom Baker

Tom Baker is a freelance photographer based in Minneapolis, Minn. He likes to think he’s a hardcore photojournalist, but in reality he has to photograph weddings and portraits just like everyone else who thinks they’re a hardcore photojournalist and is trying to make a living as a freelancer (visit to see Tom’s wedding work).

Tom’s primary contract for fulfilling his photojournalistic needs is with Minnesota Public Radio Online News ( Occasionally, he gets lucky and they’ll give him an assignment, and sometimes he gets really lucky and MPR will publish a story he proposes. And from time to time, the heavens shine down and Tom receives work from other publications or organizations as well. However, Tom is still bitter that his photojournalism professors at the University of Montana School of Journalism never warned him that freelancing would be so hard or so expensive. To help this along, Tom has found a new fun and expensive hobby with dabbling in multimedia work. But rumor has it that from time to time, Tom has been overheard saying he loves what he does and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

When not trying to convince editors they should hire him or brides that they want to take him on a destination wedding to the Bahamas (seriously, why would you want to get married in Minnesota?), Tom can be found riding one of his bikes, or rock hunting on the North Shore of Lake Superior, or telling corny jokes to his wife (sometimes, all three occur at once). He loves his family and knows he wouldn’t have had many opportunities in his life without them. “Thanks mom and dad!” he says.